“Plastic-Less” July

I might be a little late to the party with this post.. but better late than never right?


I have been seeing this trending hashtag all around this month #plasticfreejuly. While completely cutting out plastic is hard as it seems we can’t get away from it, what about reducing the amount we use? Or becoming more conscious and aware of how we are choosing to use plastic in our daily lives? I prefer to call it plastic-less july not plastic free as in today’s world we are never fully free from it are we? Let’s use plastic – less.

I know it’s hard to completely refuse plastic today as we have so many things that are made of it! Straws have been a big thing recently as more and more establishments are using paper ones. Some stores are using paper bags while many are still stuck using plastic. Some of us try our best by keeping reusable bags in our trunks and then naturally we forget to bring them in! #guilty ..Or we might think we are only grabbing a few items and then of course it turns into a bigger shop than we had initially anticipated.

In light of the trending hashtag #plasticfreejuly and recent changes to my own habits I have some tips and ideas to share with you. I’m sure you’ve heard most of them before but these are just some easy changes I have been trying to incorporate into my daily life.

Reducing the amount of plastic we use on a daily basis

Say no to plastic bags if you only have a few items and can easily carry them. Just after a few trips to the store and forgoing a bag you will start to feel good about it.

Store a foldable reusable tote bag in your purse so you’ll always be ready for a few items! Keep larger bags in your trunk. If you’re headed to the mall or a large superstore before heading out put your reusable bags on the seat so you’ll be more like to remember them.

Recycle everyday items

Rinse out plastic and paper cups from coffee etc and recycle them.

When out and about look for the recycle bins and make sure you’re putting it in the right bin! I see so many people just put them in whichever bin without reading.  (I’ve also been guilty of this in the past) It’s never too late though to become more conscious!

Something we don’t often think about recycling is our makeup containers, tubes, shampoo bottles etc. MAC has a program in which you bring back 6 empty pots of eyeshadow to get a FREE lipstick! Maybe you don’t buy that much eyeshadow or shop at MAC, but you could look for ways to recycle your beauty product empties. The plastic ones can be rinsed out and recycled with your plastics, depending on where you live. I encourage you to do your own research.

Bring reusable items with you

Bring reusable cups/travel mugs for your daily coffee, water, smoothie whatever!

Carry a reusable water bottle with you everywhere you go. And on that note get yourself a pretty water bottle. Swell + Hydro flask + BKR are my favs.

Get yourself a travel mug. I personally like Klean Kanteen + Yeti.

The Market Bags These are soooo good for on the go snacks or produce/bulk bags and are machine washable. Plus they are super cute! I also love the fact that they are a small and local company. The fabric is upcycled so if you see a print that you like, make sure to buy it as it won’t be around forever.

Mesh reusable bags for fruit, veg etc. Doubles as a cute purse or beach bag.

Glass straws are great for at home use and another alternative that I like are silicone straws.

Ways to do your part to help keep our oceans clean

Not only forgoing single use plastic where you can but making any of the above efforts will ultimately help keep our oceans clean.

One company I’ve noticed that is doing their part to help keep our oceans clean is Bright Swimwear.

Use my code: BLONDE15 for 15% OFF any of their swimwear.

10% of proceeds goes to cleaning up our oceans.


I hope this post made you feel positive. And remember any effort is big. Forgoing a bag once is amazing even if you don’t do it all the time. And don’t feel bad for what you’re not doing. Everybody has different lifestyles. The point of this post was to hopefully inspire you to use a little less plastic if you can. Be kind people!

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21948-Tutu_1024x1024Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 12.10.01 PM.pngapolis-natural-city-market-bag-beige-product-0-203150283-normal


Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 12.05.03 PM.png  marketbags_cutout.png Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 12.07.28 PM


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