My Stay at The Parker Palm Springs


First off…

The decor and overall vibe of this place is insane. Over-the-top. Eccentric. Alive. Those are just a few words I would use to describe The Parker.

I am seriously obsessed with the Jonathan Adler and 50’s, 60’s inspired decor in this place. Serious vibes! I’ll be honest I may have vacationed here just for the gram but I did also want to find out why everyone loved this place so much! I can honestly say I now know why…



The grounds.. I mean come on!

First after walking through their cool lobby you’ll walk out to the gardens full of lush green bushes, following a dirt path..


there’s lots of area to explore from their firepit area to their hammocks + Jonathan Adler bronze 3D printed banana statue to the paths winding down to their Lemonade Stand and pool areas.


I just felt like every turn you could wind up somewhere new and it felt magical.

The Pools

Silicon Valley Pool. This pool is located off of the Lanai rooms but is accessible by everyone. A good place to read a book + order some chips + salsa.


The Gene Autry Pool. This saline pool is giving off serious lush jungle vibes.


There is also an indoor pool in the Spa which you have access to but we didn’t end up using.

The Decor

Okay, so let’s talk more about the decor + vibe of this place.


I’ve actually been obsessing over all the decor and even called to find out what the art piece above the beds in the room were to source it. Apparently Jonathan Adler had it made specifically for the hotel. You can’t even buy it! And sadly the Parker isn’t selling any.


Jonathan Adler designed this hotel and incorporated many of his pieces into the rooms creating a fun, unique and whimsical experience.

If you have watched the shining you may want to know beforehand that the carpet is a replica from the movie.. we were told about it upon arrival and checking in as we were being shown to our room. Thankfully I haven’t seen it!

You can find some similar Jonathan Adler inspired decor ideas on my Pinterest.

The Rooms

The rooms were incredibly chic! The specific room we were in was quite spacious. It has sort of an old Hollywood charm it. The Hermes soap was a nice touch.


North building

We stayed in 12 North. We booked our room with a private hammock + seating area. Not going to lie, I’m not sure if it was worth the price of the room. I loved that it felt private and was quiet in the north building but I think next time I’d rather spend the money on a room that leads out to the pool, maybe one of their ‘Lanai’ rooms instead. We didn’t end up using the hammock. No, not even for an Instagram picture sadly. There was sand underneath and it just didn’t seem all that appealing if I’m being totally honest. We preferred the hammocks out in the gardens surrounded by greenery + grass beneath.


Breakfast is seriously so good I can’t. If I could have their latte every morning + any of their pancakes I’d be in heaven.


Lemonade Stand

Good if you want some chips and guac and a fresh squeezed lemonade.

The Lobby Bar

I cannot get enough of the seating in the lobby + their cocktails were so good. The 60s fireplace in the middle with moroccan poufs was a really cool feature and it just had this fun laidback vibe. If you’re lucky you’ll get to snag their hanging chairs for a minute.


I’ve also been obsessed with their playlist. Search up The Parker Palm Springs Mister Parker playlist on Spotify! They were seriously playing the best laid back cool music. We were literally sitting there wanting to Shazam every song.

The Service

The service is outstanding. From the guy who showed us to our room, to the Manager on staff at Normas.

This place was truly just such a fun experience! I can say I will definitely be back. This, I am certain, is one hotel you won’t be bored of.


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