A Purely Northwest Experience


I like to celebrate American Thanksgiving. I still love my Canadian traditions but I really appreciate celebrating in honour of my American family + friends. And let’s be honest it’s another excuse for Turkey dinner. It’s something I started doing a few years ago.

I’m lucky enough to live close to the border so I visit Bellevue and Snoqualmie and other close cities in Washington frequently. I love the Evergreen state and the drive from Bellingham to Snoqualmie is absolutely stunning. I love seeing all the trees -the green in the summer, orange in the fall and the bareness in the winter.

The Pacific Northwest is home to me. And maybe home to most of you. But if you’re looking for a truly northwest experience then this is it.

Salish Lodge + Spa

Perched atop Snoqualmie falls, Salish has become like a second home. A place to retreat and feel at ease. It’s like your worries just melt away. It’s the ultimate cozy spot! The lodge is a secret spot I’ve been hiding away at for a few years, I visit a few times a year and the experience is always pure bliss.

The Rooms


The ultimate cozy spot!


They recently renovated so all the rooms have gas fireplaces. They used to have old wood burning fire places in every room and it was one of my favourite parts about the lodge but i’m not gonna lie the renovated rooms have grown on me.



The Attic

A cozy spot for comfort foods + casual fare. House made wood burning pizzas + unreal house made chips with caramelized onion chip dip.

The Dining Room

Some of the yummiest brunch options. In the evening they have lovely dinners as well.


Thanksgiving Dinner

If you’re planning on dining on on Thanksgiving I recommend booking early – like October. There’s nothing like a homemade Turkey dinner but this I promise is pretty close!


The Spa

Definitely one of the best spas I have been to. They have lots of different options for treatments but be sure to check out their Honey treatments. Look for the bee on the menu.

The Country Store

I always find the cutest little knick knacks or seasonal items in this store as well as their very own selection of jams, honey, right down to their pancake mix.

The Falls

See the falls from the top just steps from the hotel or take a hike down to the falls. Immerse yourself in nature.


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